Temporary surface protection film with polymer adhesive layer

Starke Klebkraft ohne Kompromisse, kein teleskopieren, gutes Abwickeln von der Rolle; eine Bedruckung die hält.

In our specially developed manufacturing process, the carrier film and adhesive layer form a thermally permanently bonded unit. The entire protective film, including the adhesive layer component, thus consists of a polymer mixture. This means that, if the protective film is applied correctly, subsequent adhesive layer residues on the substrate are almost completely avoided.

In addition to many ecological and economic advantages over conventional adhesive-coated protective films, there are also important technical advantages in favor of switching to the polymer adhesive system.

With our forward-looking technology, it is already possible today to produce even matte and extremely textured surfaces made of, for example, plastic, untreated or painted metals, and wood,
perfectly with a polymer adhesive protective film.

Once well pressed onto the substrate surface to be protected, our protective film system impresses with excellent immediate adhesion. Unwanted "channel-like" film peeling is a thing of the past.

Even with very high polymer tack, the protective film is easy to unwind from the roll with virtually no stretch. Narrow rolls have little to no tendency to telescope while maintaining economical roll lengths.

If required, the protective films can be provided with logos or inscriptions with up to 6 colors. The print is located between the film layers in our standard process and is therefore fully protected against scratches, solvents and abrasion.

Our individual and order-related production method allows us to respond flexibly to our customers' wishes. This includes special requirements for film materials or strengths, coloration, UV finishes or adhesion properties.

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