Acrylic - adhesive coated surface protection film

Self-adhesive protective films coated with acrylic adhesive are indispensable for many applications and markets and represent the optimum technical and most economical solution. These protective film systems are used on smooth to textured surfaces of plastic, metal, HPL, glass, carpeting, and many other materials. Jura-tech has the complete range of film variants of this acrylic adhesive group required by the market, consisting of the acrylic (aqueous dispersion) and the acrylic (solvent-based system). Due to our order-related production method, we can offer the protective film for your specific application profile. This means that all process steps for the production of protective films are individually coordinated with each other and can thus be flexibly controlled in all product properties. This includes, among other things, the selection and properties of the carrier film (PE, PP, PET, ...), the adhesive (adhesive formulation and application weight, we can offer the protective film for your specific application profile, peel-off character), the film coloring, the printing, the sleeves and the roll length. Even with transparent film coloring, outdoor application of up to 6 months is possible.
We make sure that your product arrives at the end consumer immaculate and optimally protected.

Application examples

PVC profiles with smooth surface

JTT50P5 UV3 is a transparent protective film for smooth PVC profiles and is the logical compromise between optimum protective function and cost minimization. The color spectrum of the carrier film ranges from natural transparent to opaque colored. Multicolor printing of the protective film (scatter printing or format-related interlayer printing) is part of our standard in this market segment. In outdoor use, residue-free removal of the transparent film is guaranteed even after up to 6 months. The cutting of narrow rolls is part of our existing services.

Plastic surfaces with smooth surface (PMMA, PC, PET, ABS, HIPS, SAN, PVC, etc.)

JTT60R3 is a is used for surface protection of smooth plastic sheets made of e.g. XT/GS-PMMA and polycarbonate. The film combines the advantages of a modern protective film and is easy to remove with good adhesion and absolutely residue-free.
During the further processing of the plastic sheets, the protective film easily undergoes all the usual processes (laser cutting, bending, edging, drilling, milling, forming, ...).

Stainless steel or metals with smooth surface

JTT50R5 is a standard protective film for flexible adhesion to painted
Metalloberflächen mit unterschiedlichem Glanzgrad. Der „Easy Peel“ Abziehcharakter der Folie erlaubt ein sehr angenehmes und leichtes Abziehen auch von großflächigen Platten.
Auch bei transparenten Folieneinfärbungen ist eine Außenanwendung von bis zu 6 Monaten möglich.

Highly cohesive and temperature stressed protective film applications

JTT50LA5 is based on a solvent-based acrylic adhesive which is used in many
Anwendungsbereichen auch höchsten Belastungen (z.B. Druck und Temperatur) problemlos Stand hält. Die Anwendungsgebiete erstrecken sich auf nahezu allen Materialien und Oberflächenstrukturen.

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