Rubber - adhesive coated surface protection film

This self-adhesive protective film, coated with a natural rubber adhesive, is indispensable primarily in areas of application in which protective films with very flexible adhesion and maximum "neutrality" of the adhesive to the surface to be protected are required. Due to the versatile application possibilities of this protective film product family, there are many market-proven combination solutions, consisting of, among other things, film thickness, film coloring as well as the adhesive type with the adapted adhesive application quantity. Due to the diverse number of rubber adhesive coated protective films, the following overview represents only a few examples of the most commonly used standard types. Protective films coated with a rubber adhesive are generally intended for indoor use only. In combination with opaque colored carrier films, outdoor use of up to 12 months is possible.

Application examples


is the perfect, universal protective film for PVC profiles with a smooth surface and for profiles coated with decorative films. The opaque colored carrier film, opaque white or white/black (other colors are of course possible on request), ensures maximum outdoor weathering suitability of up to 12 months and easy and residue-free removal of the film. The good adhesive strength of the film ensures that the film adheres to the profile without peeling, follows the complete processing cycle to the door or window element and does not need to be removed until after installation. The protective film can be individually provided with multicolor film printing (e.g. the company logo and/or processing conditions), whereby the interlayer printing is absolutely abrasion and scratch resistant. Our film rolls can be delivered either as wide rolls or cut narrow rolls.


is a highly adhesive protective film for the protection of various materials with textured or heavily embossed surfaces. Typical applications are powder coated metal surfaces.

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